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Baby Nest Infant Lounger

SKU: 8002
• Provides a cozy place for your baby to lounge, relax, and play
• Lightly curved sides contour to baby, providing maximum comfort and support
• Aptly named for its nest-like shape, which mimics the closeness of the womb
• Unique design helps to calm your little one and makes them feel safely surrounded
• Made of 100% polyester with 100% polyester fiber filling
• Soft, plushy filling cushions baby's body
• Includes storage case that features a handle for easy transport, making it perfect for taking the Baby Nest on the go or keeping it safe and clean when not in use

Dr. Talbot's Baby Nest is more than just a pillow. It is a safe play space, a place to observe the world around them, and a soft area to lounge and relax. The Baby Nest has a soft well for baby to lie in and cushioned walls that help keep baby from rolling and hurting themselves. The nest-like shape mimics the closeness of the womb, helping your baby feel safe and snug. Dr. Talbot's Baby Nest comes in a storage bag that is perfect for travel, so you never need to worry about having a safe, comfy place for your baby to lounge when on-the-go.

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Support Pod Pillow Cover

• Grows with baby: Whether 0-12 months old, our support pod assists with nursing, propping, tummy time, or sitting up independently
• Easy cleaning: Support pod slipcovers are machine-washable, so parents can effortlessly clean up any "oopsies"
• Design: Multiple designs make matching nursery decor simple and fun
• Super soft: The support pod slipcover's polyester and cotton blend material is extra soft on baby's sensitive skin, and a fabric strip • over the zipper keeps hard surfaces covered
• The perfect fit: Use with the Dr. Talbot's Support Pod Infant Feeding and Support Pillow; all slipcovers are interchangeable

Support Pod Pillow - No Cover

• 0M+ Feeding: Helps hold your little one in a comfortable, natural feeding position; great for nursing mothers, but also ideal for other family members when bottle-feeding baby
• 3M+ Propping: Perfectly prop your baby in a comfy lounging position
• 6M+ Tummy: Tummy time is important in strengthening your baby's neck, arms, and chest; and when properly positioned, the support pod lifts the upper part of baby's body, encouraging them to lift their head
• 9M+ Sitting: The support pod assists your baby as they learn to sit independently.
• Easy cleaning: The support pod is machine-washable