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Bathing Turtle Baby Spa Bather

SKU: 81043
0-6+ months
Safe to use in washer & dryer
Fits easily in sinks of all shapes

Traditional bathtubs can be too large and too hard to give your baby a safe, comfortable bath. An easier solution is to give your little one A scrub in our bathing turtle! The cute character fits in most sinks, creating a soft, cozy space to bathe your baby. The plush material is easy-to-clean-helping make bath time simpler.

  • 0-6+ months
  • Baby will feel secure and comfortable when using the bathing turtle. The soft, cuddly plush contours to baby's body and supports them during bath time.
  • Adorable turtle character makes bath time fun. The bathing turtle's friendly smile and fun flippers will make even the fussiest baby grin.
  • Fits easily in sinks of all shapes! The Dr. Talbot's bathing turtle measures 32.5" Tip-to-tip and is made of 1.25" thick foam.
  • Parents will love how easy to clean The bathing turtle is. It's safe to use in the washer and dryer.
  • Made of BPA & Pthalate Free material certified to be flame retardant