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Light & Sound Plush - Unicorn

SKU: 5002_5008_unicorn
• Plays 10 different popular lullabies: "Minuet", "Brahms Lullaby", "Are You Sleeping?", "Baa Baa Black Sheep", and more
• Also includes a heartbeat sound and bird song. Heartbeat sounds remind babies of their time in the womb, which helps calm them; bird song and nature sounds are soothing and promote a feeling of well-being
• Selected lullabies individually or choose to play all 10 lullabies in sequence
• Turns off automatically after 30 minutes to prolong battery life
• Light projection displays a colorful, starry pattern onto the ceiling
• Soft lighting is calming and won't disturb little ones sleeping
• Straightforward, easy-to-use control panel makes operating the Light & Sound Plush effortless

Bedtime and nap time can be difficult. The Light & Sound Plush is a great way to help your baby fall asleep. The soft night light projects a colorful, starry sky to help calm and soothe little ones. it features 10 popular lullabies. If lullabies aren't what your little one needs one night, The Light & Sound Plush can play bird song or a heartbeat sound. Easily adjust the sound and light settings to create the perfect atmosphere for your little one to drift off peacefully. Cute, sleepy-faced characters will make your little one smile as they drift off to sleep. The different characters are perfect for boys and girls, and will fit into any nursery theme.

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