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My Floor Seat Activity Tray

SKU: 2101
4-12 months
Easy-release latch
Easy to clean

My Floor Seat's removable Activity Tray makes it easier for your little one to eat and play while using My Floor Seat. This convenient addition attaches smoothly to the My Floor Seat, giving little ones somewhere to place their toys or snacks. Our innovative design features an easy-release latch to remove the tray top without having to take your little one from the seat. Easily remove the tray top, help your little one out, and snap it back in place.

  • 4-12 months
  • Make My Floor Seat even better by adding an Activity Tray. The Activity Tray fits perfectly onto My Floor Seat and provides a place to hold toys or snacks.
  • The Activity Tray attaches fast and easily to My Floor Seat. Simply slip the tray over the leg separator, hook the tab at the tray base under the seat’s rim, and you’re ready to go.
  • Conveniently keeps toys or food within baby’s reach. The Activity Tray makes it easier for parents to freely feed and play with their baby.
  • Great for independent development, too! My Floor Seat with the Activity Tray add-on creates an ideal place for babies to begin practicing self-feeding.
  • The Activity Tray top can be removed separately from the tray base, thanks to its easy-release latch. It’s a snap to remove the tray top, help your little one out of the seat, and reattach the tray to its base.
  • Get a bit of food or drink on the Activity Tray? No problem! The tray is easy to clean—just wipe clean with a damp cloth.
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