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Support Pod Pillow Cover

SKU: 8006
• Grows with baby: Whether 0-12 months old, our support pod assists with nursing, propping, tummy time, or sitting up independently
• Easy cleaning: Support pod slipcovers are machine-washable, so parents can effortlessly clean up any "oopsies"
• Design: Multiple designs make matching nursery decor simple and fun
• Super soft: The support pod slipcover's polyester and cotton blend material is extra soft on baby's sensitive skin, and a fabric strip • over the zipper keeps hard surfaces covered
• The perfect fit: Use with the Dr. Talbot's Support Pod Infant Feeding and Support Pillow; all slipcovers are interchangeable

What's more convenient than the Dr. Talbot's support pod infant feeding and support pillow? How about removable and easy-clean slipcovers? Dr. Talbot's super-soft support pod slipcovers fit perfectly on the Support Pod Infant Feeding and Support Pillow. No need to worry about everyday messes that go along with having a new baby; parents can simply swap the soiled support pod slipcover for a clean one. All Dr. Talbot's support pod slipcovers are machine washable, making cleaning up between little messes effortless. Choose from a variety of designs and patterns to easily match your nursery decor. Whatever your parenting needs may be, Dr. Talbot's has you covered---pun intended.