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Our Philosophy

At Dr. Talbot's, we believe in offering the safest, most natural, and effective solutions possible for the whole family. We believe in harnessing natural ingredients so infants and parents can turn to mother nature's solutions instead of synthetic drugs. In honor of legendary pediatrician Dr. Ralph Jefferson Talbot, who developed America's most trusted diaper rash ointment formula in 1933, Dr. Talbot's is committed to continuing the tradition of caring for loved ones.

We design our products with natural ingredients because we believe mother nature's solutions are preferable in many cases.
Our products contain ZERO Parabens, Benzalkonium chloride, or Triclosan. We want to offer the safest products for infants and parents.
We are focused on providing effective solutions. There is no point in selling something "natural" if it does not work.

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Chamomile Night Time Soothing Tablets

• With Natural ingredients
• Helps calm, relax, and soothe infants

Girls Kid's Face Mask (6 - 12 years)- 10 pack

• 3-Layer Filter
• Cute Patterns & Designs
• Easy-Bend Nose Clip
• Soft Ear Loops
• 10 Masks per pack
$4.99 $9.99

Girls Kid's Face Mask (2 - 5 years) - 10 pack

2-5 years
3-Layer Filter
Easy-Bend Nose Clip
Soft Ear Loops
10 Masks per pack
$4.99 $9.99