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Baby Tooth and Gum Wipes

SKU: 17548
• 48 Count
• Naturally inspired
• Flouride free, paraben free, & sugar free
• 0+ months

Regular use of Dr. Talbot's Tooth & Gum Wipes, followed by a good oral hygiene routine, can reduce the risk of tooth decay and other oral complications for your child. When using Dr. Talbot's Tooth & Gum Wipes, you can be confident that your child is not being exposed to harmful chemicals.

For cleaning teeth and gums, wrap a wipe around your index finger and hold the excess with your thumb. Gently wipe the front and back teeth, gums, inner cheeks, and tongue of your child. After cleansing, discard the wipe in a trash can. Do not flush down the toilet.

For soothing gums, refrigerate 30 minutes before use.  Hold as described above, then gently massage gums with the wipe.

  • 0+ months
  • 48 count
  • Naturally inspired
  • Tutti Frutti flavored
  • Flouride free, paraben free, & sugar free

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