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Baby Tooth & Gum Cleaner

SKU: 17575
• 0.75 Oz - with Silicone Finger Gum Massager
• With Natural Ingredients
• Safe to Swallow
• Cleans and Forms a Protective Barrier
• Fluoride Free
• Helps Prevent Tooth Decay

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Soft-Flex Orthodontic Pacifiers 6-12 Months - 2 Pack

• Made to fit baby's mouth
• Lightweight, ergonomic design encourages healthy oral development without weighing down or overworking little mouths
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Pulse Oximeter

• Accurate pulse rate and oxygen saturation readings
• Fast and easy results with just 1 button
• Color display with patented multi-directional display
• Adjustable brightness and battery indicator
• Suitable for all ages 3 months+
• Ready to use out of the box, includes lanyard and batteries

Chamomile Soothing Tablets

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• Helps calm, relax, and soothe upset or restless babies of teething age†