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Chamomile Night Time Soothing Tablets

SKU: 23240
• With Natural ingredients
• Helps calm, relax, and soothe infants

Nûby's Chamomile Night Time Soothing Tablets are developed to help calm, relax, and soothe discomfort associated with teething, upset or restless children.  Containing a special blend of natural botanicals, the quick-dissolve tablets assist to calm, relax, and soothe your child, helping both you and your little one get much needed rest.  A must have for your child's wellness kit, Nûby Chamomile Night Time Soothing Tablets are the safe, natural choice for at home and on the go.

  • 3+ months
  • 140 quick-dissolve tablets
  • Helps calm, relax, and soothe infants that may be teething, upset, or restless
  • With Natural ingredients
  • Directions: Dissolve 2-3 tablets on tongue (1 at a time) before sleep, every 4 hours. If symptoms persist, an additional 1-2 tablets may be given every 15 minutes until relieved, up to 4 doses. Tablets may be dissolved in a teaspoon of water and then given to the child. Soothing tablets are very soft and dissolve almost instantly in the mouth. Please note: if you child has been crying or upset, your child may fall asleep after using this product because the discomfort has been relieved and your child can rest.
  • Belladonna Free
  • Benzocaine Free
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