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Silicone Night Light - Sloth

SKU: 80093
Colors shift between nine dreamy hues

Nighttime and the dark can be scary for your little one, but they don't have to be. With a cute nightlight friend by your child's side, there's nothing to fear. Simply tap the nightlight friend and your child can enjoy the soft glow from its built-in light. Give it a few more taps to enjoy a variety of soothing light colors and modes. So long, fear of the dark! Hello, peaceful sleep.


  • This sweet little Sloth will lull your Sleepy one into peaceful Z's with its tranquil colors. The colors shift between nine dreamy hues designed to be a beacon of assurance in a dark room.
  • Changing colors is simple. Tap the nightlight to choose between gentle Whites or a smooth flow of colors.
  • The serene glow from this friendly Sloth lasts all night easing your little one's fears. No waking up in the dark!
  • Made of super soft, durable material. Our 100% silicone nightlight can be wiped clean with ease.
  • Your little woodland friend will never need new batteries! Simply recharge with the accompanying USB charger.